Next generation skylights unveiled at LuxLive 2016

A new generation of the ground-breaking artificial skylights is among a raft of future tech unveiled at the lighting industry’s annual LuxLive exhibition in London.

Innovations in internet-connected lighting, visible light communication and so-called Li-fi – data via lighting – were on show at the event, which opened this morning. 

Star of the show is the CoeLux ST, a compact skylight which recreates sunshine for indoor environments. It boasts a patented optical system based on nano technology to artificially reproduce the natural light and visual appearance of the sun and sky in spaces that are deprived of natural light, creating the sensation of infinite space. 

A key feature of ST is that the sun is not directly visible. The rays of sun reach the eye after being reflected, diffused, refracted and diffracted by the louvre, imitating the interaction of the sunlight with other natural elements such as clouds, water, foliage and snow. 

The CoeLux ST comprises three main elements: a cutting-edge LED technology that replicates the sunlight’s spectrum;  a sophisticated optical system that creates the depth of view and finally a millimetre-thick nano-structured material that creates the Rayleigh scattering process, to produce the light and the colour of the sky in the atmosphere. 

The CoeLux ST is available in three different versions each named after the locations and natural elements that have inspired the design and individual interface between the eyes and the artificial sky. 

The CoeLux company is a high-tech spin-off of Insubria University in Como, Italy, founded by Professor Paolo Di Trapani.

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