Lighting to guide shoppers around huge Singapore mall

VLC uses different frequencies emitting from light fixtures dotted around a large building.

Visible light communication (VLC) is being installed in the gargantuan CapitaLand Mall in Singapore to help shoppers find their favourite stores amid a labyrinth of aisles and corridors.

VLC uses different frequencies emitting from light fixtures dotted around a building, which can then be located using a smartphone and utilised to guide someone through a complicated indoor space.

The technology utilizes Philips’ fixtures, which have been used to the same purpose in smaller supermarkets in Dubai and Lille.

The indoor way-finding service is not ever-present and users have to log into an app and activate a smart phone camera to be able to use the technology.

Currently VLC empowered fixtures are limited to a single shade of white, but it is hoped that, in the future, the colour temperature will be able to be adjusted, in order to create a warmer feel.

Smart lighting is not just being put to good use in over-complicated shopping malls, it is also being used in the industrial sector.

A warehouse in Singapore, for example, is currently utilising a Philips lighting system that uses ZigBee wireless to detect how occupied a zone within the site is. The system also uses Power over Ethernet, to power 2,500 light points. 

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