Major boost will bring indoor positioning to a store near you

Philips Lighting is opening up its indoor positioning technology to work with LED luminaires from other lighting companies. It will mean that commercial lighting systems that use indoor positioning will be more widely available, so wayfinding technology might be on its way to a shopping mall near you very soon.

Philips’s indoor positioning technology uses individual light points to transmit a unique identifier through a modulation of light, which can be detected by a smart phone camera, this is known as Visible Light Communication (VLC).

After the retailer’s app has been downloaded, VLC will be able to offer a guide to the store, helping shoppers to locate items on their shopping list down to an accuracy of 30cm.

Philip's YellowDot program allows manufacturers to test and certify their LED luminaires to work with Philips’ indoor positioning technology. Three YellowDot Ready LED drivers (60, 100 and 150W) are expected to launch in Europe by end of the year.

French luminaire manufacturer Trato-TLV Group is the first company to join the YellowDot Program and has recently displayed LED luminaires that work with Philips indoor positioning systems at the Equipmag fair In Paris. 

  • You can find out more about VLC technology at this year's Lux Live. The exhibition will be held in London  on Wednesday 23 November and Thursday 24 November 2016. Entry is free and you can register at