Chinese manufacturers win gold at Rio Olympics

Chinese lighting manufacturers are reaping the benefits from this year's Olympic Games.

The Olympic Games always offer an international stage for lighting manufacturers to show off their wares and this year’s event in Rio was noteworthy for the rise in the use of products from China.

The China based Century Business Herald reports that Chinese manufacturer NVC Lighting provided lighting solutions for the diving centre, where the pool famously turned green during the men's contest.

LED manufacturers Levard and Unilumin also provided LED displays for some of the Olympic venues.

Chinese lighting manufacturers were able to enter the Olympic franchise for the Rio games because of the increasing investment they are making in research and development.

Chinese companies are also starting to put greater attention on product safety, lifetime and reliability of luminaires and were able to offer lighting specifically designed for public spaces and sports venues.

Chinese products still retain the edge when it comes to cost thanks to poor labour prices, something that was no doubt attractive to the Rio organizing committees who were tasked with putting on the ‘greatest show on Earth,’ on a shoestring budget.