Philips lamp targets ‘generation rent’

Philips Lighting has unveiled a major range of lamps with variable colour temperatures aimed at property renters.

The SceneSwitch LED range features three light settings of different output and colour temperatures. Uniquely, the settings can be selected by a simple light switch, meaning users don’t have to purchase a dimmer switch or use a smart phone app.

The company expects the light sources to be a hit with ‘Generation Rent’, who don’t own their own properties but want some degree of lighting control.

There is a ‘bright’ setting with a colour temperature of 2700K and an output of 800Lm, aimed at tasks such as aplying make-up; a ‘natural’ setting of 2500K/320Lm, equivalent to a 40W incandescent and suitable for reading; and a ‘cosy’ setting os 2200K/80Lm for relaxing and watch TV.

‘Only 10 per cent of consumers we’ve spoken to currently have the ability to dim light in their homes’, Mahesh Iyer, leader of Philips Lighting LED business group, told Lux. 

’ Over three quarters (78 per cent) of those surveyed in Germany do not currently have a dimmer, with almost a quarter of those without dimmers (22 per cent) stating that it would be too much hassle for them to install one. In France, 80 per cent of those surveyed do not currently have a dimmer, with 11 per cent of those without a dimmer citing personal DIY knowledge as hindering them from installing one.

In Indonesia, 22 per cent said that the main reason they would change their lamp was because the existing one could not be dimmed. 

In the USA 60 per cent of people surveyed don’t currently own a dimmer, with 13 per cent of them stating that they were not allowed to change light fittings (e.g. by a landlord) to match their living requirements.

Etienne Zervaas, director at Ipsos, commented, ‘Recent Ipsos research shows an average of 50 per cent of consumers face the challenge of wanting to adapt the function and mood of spaces in their homes, including selecting the right light for different tasks. At the same time, many people are tenants, not owners, of the property they live in.’

The SceneSwitch has an internal memory and circuitry which interprets the switching signals and sets the colour temperature and output accordingly. It is currently available in a 60W-equivalent A-shape format, with a 40W-equivalent candle and 50W-equivalent spot available from September 2016.