Acuity in deal with Target to supply smart lighting

Acuity Brands has agreed a deal with Target to exclusively supply the US retailer with smart lighting. 

Target will exclusively install Acuity’s next generation, smart LED fixture for applications including sales floor, store accent and distribution centre lighting, as part of ongoing programme to reduce energy consumption and enhance operational effectiveness across its facility footprint.

‘It’s exciting to see a retail leader like Target embracing LED lighting as part of its energy management initiatives. We’re proud to have worked with Target over the past two decades to provide superior lighting and control solutions for its stores that reduce energy consumption on a per fixture basis by nearly a factor of four, from 128 input watts to 36 watts,’ said Steve Lydecker, Acuity Brands Lighting senior vice president. ‘Our newest smart lighting solutions offer excellent lighting quality, network functionality and reduced maintenance; now stores can go from replacing lamps on four-year cycles to the LED promise of much longer periods without planned maintenance.’

Target has been one of the pioneers of digital technologies and marketing aimed at the customer, including an in-store smart phone navigation system, the platform of which is believed to be the LED lighting using a technology called visible light communication. 

Lighting is also playing a key role in the company’s ‘stores of the future’ pilot, called LA25. Twenty five stores will have their lighting changed from flat-panel ambient to a mix of ambient and accent to better showcase merchandise such as fresh produce. 

Target has been recognized by the US Department of Energy’s Interior Lighting Campaign​ (ILC) Awards in multiple energy savings categories, including special recognition for largest portfolio-wide annual energy savings. 

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Picture: Michael Mozart 2016