UAE to retrofit 34.000 buildings with low-energy lighting

HE Engineer Suhail Mohammed Faraj Al Mazroui, the Minister of Energy of the United Arab Emirates, has said that the Department of Energy is working on a project to retrofit almost 4,000 federal government buildings and a further 30,000 buildings in Dubai with low-energy technologies, including lighting.

The minister stressed that these buildings will be equipped with low-energy lighting systems and other technologies that will help achieve the country’s carbon-reduction goals.

The minister  – who opened the LuxLive Middle East Exhibition 2016 in Abu Dhabi – said he was confident that the evolution in lighting technology would contribute to reducing the demand for energy.

He opened his address by saying: ‘We were really surprised [at the effectiveness of lighting retrofits]. We thought in the past that this equipment and the changes will not be economically viable. But that's not true. With the latest lighting-efficient systems we are achieving paybacks of less than three years’.

Al Mazroui pointed out that people in the Middle East had become accustomed to low energy prices. He explained: ‘The high energy consumption of the past cannot be sustained. We especially need to tackle the energy use of buildings’.

The minister said that the UAE 2021 strategy included achieving sustainable development and he stated that he valued the role of the private sector in helping achieve sustainable development.