EPM invests in LEDs at high-tech factory

LED lighting products have helped leading composites manufacturer EPM: Technology to save energy and fulfil a striking futuristic vision for its £6m factory in Derbyshire. The new installation has not only minimised the building’s energy consumption but has demonstrated the company’s commitment to cutting-edge technology.

As suppliers to prestigious clients within the motorsports, aerospace and defence industries, EPM’s stance on procuring technology for its own headquarters left no room for compromise. Following rapid growth, the company needed to make a confident statement with the inauguration of its new factory, projecting an image that would impress its high-profile clientele and attract further business. At 60,000 sq ft, it now stands as the one of the biggest purpose-built composites factories in the country.

Fellow UK manufacturer Dexeco was required to produce a bespoke lighting solution merging the modern aesthetics of a high-tech engineering business with maximum energy efficiency. Company owner and CEO Greg Mulholland was determined to adopt a common theme across the entire premises, evoking the clinical precision of EPM’s products.

The design concept was inspired by visions of the future, with clean, sharp lines emulating the technological allure of Formula 1. With a deliberate minimalist style, the building aims to celebrate the efficiency and technological edge of EPM’s products. This approach was maintained from the “Infinity” corridor through to the laminating shops and autoclave area, showing consistency in product and brand-identity.

From the outset, Mulholland recognised the advantages of high-quality LED sources, offering the longest lifespan and lowest maintenance available today. Dexeco’s Protec LED downlight was chosen to enhance areas where visiting clients are received, such as the entrance and reception area and the main corridor. The versatile luminaire can be tailored to suit different architectural styles, decors and branding colour schemes, providing designers with the tools to create inviting and vibrant lighting solutions.

The Verteco LED high-bay is used in the factory’s high-level production area to enhance visibility and safety whilst minimising operational costs.

The luminaire’s minimalist design harmonised perfectly with the factory’s modern aesthetic and was provided in all-white attachments to match the colour scheme. For both the entrance’s high ceilings and the lower level corridor, it was supplied in 3000 lm fixtures to achieve the desired light levels and uniformity with the most efficient luminaire spacings. Combining the latest Lumileds LEDs with anodised aluminium reflectors, the luminaire offers LORs in excess of 90%.

The Verteco LED high-bay is used in the factory’s high-level production area to enhance visibility and safety whilst minimising operational costs. The system also required suitable lighting controls to adapt to the changing production processes and layouts of EPM’s diverse projects. Advanced optics and LED technologies allow the Verteco to perform at an average of 103 Llm/W in lumen outputs between 13,200 and 32,000 lm.

With the integral R14 daylight regulation and presence detection sensor, each luminaire harvests daylight entering from the ceiling windows and dims during periods of absence. This intelligent system allows optimal light levels to be attained throughout the day whilst rapidly accumulating energy savings.  As flexibility was a key requirement for the production area, the R14 sensor is designed to be programmed from the ground level via the user-friendly REA-AP remote control.

MODLED Slim fixtures have been used in the low-level production and design studios, where attention to detail for quality control inspections and visibility for intricate production tasks are vital. High levels of energy efficiency were achieved not only through the low running costs of LED chip boards but by using a lower number of optimally spaced luminaires in each area.

For the offices, a 3500 lm variant offered compliance with BSEN 12464 3000 candela glare requirements making it suitable for areas with monitors in use.

As night time approaches, the OPUS 2 LED floodlight subtly illuminates the building’s perimeter and car park. The luminaire offers a low maintenance, hassle-free exterior lighting solution and performs at a 100 Llm/W average, with LORs of over 85%.