Seattle’s 108-year-old St James Cathedral goes digital

Eluned Lighting has used Lumenpulse’s Lumentalk technology to upgrade the exterior lighting of St James Cathedral in Seattle to flexible, high-performance LED luminaires with digital control.

Lumentalk, a power line communication technology, uses existing electrical infrastructure as a bi-directional carrier for lighting control data, allowing the creation of networkable lighting systems, without the cost and disruption of having to re-wire for data.

"The St James Cathedral is a landmark project that showcases the impact Lumentalk can have on older buildings and structures,” said François-Xavier Souvay, president and CEO of Lumenpulse. "With Lumentalk, the 108-year-old Cathedral was able to quickly modernize its lighting system, increase flexibility and eliminate future maintenance issues, while still keeping installation costs low. It’s a real digital control facilitator for structures like this,” he said.

Designed by Eluned Lighting, the new lighting system at St James uses a range of Lumenpulse’s LED luminaires. “Lumenpulse offers smooth, even light, efficacy, quality and variety, and with their luminaires we were able to achieve a cohesive, integrated design: I got an attractive pole and pendant from Lumenarea; brilliant beams from Lumenbeam; and could run power and control over existing cables with Lumentalk,” said Linet Henry of Eluned Lighting. “It was invaluable to be able to use the existing wiring for cutting-edge control.”