Dutch town has tunnel vision

Lighting designer Herman Kuijer has created two spectacular tunnel installations in the Dutch town of Zutphen.

Commissioned by ProRail in collaboration with the City of Zutphen, these site-specific, permanent light installations are located at two different underpasses, linking a new area of the town with the traditional town-centre of Zutphen, set on the river Ijssel in The Netherlands.

Bringing together architecture, design and art, the progression of light and colour through Kuijer’s installations is designed to mimic the movement of water close by. “It was a great challenge to work in this specific urban context where aesthetics are paired with accessibility and the safety of the user,” says Herman Kuijer. “My task was to create a sustainable work to allow people to pass safely through and also experience the aesthetic quality of the light. Improving the public domain is a continuous challenge in the Netherlands.”

Kuijer’s work follows in the rich Dutch tradition of commissioning contemporary art in the public domain, where improving the quality of the public space is paired with creating a safe, sustainable and functional access to the city itself. “We selected Herman Kuijer for his proven expertise in realising light as a form of art and his vision to enlighten the tunnel and give travellers a subtle and uplifting experience upon entering and leaving,” says Edwin Koning of Gemeente Zutphen.

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Pictures: Jannes Linders