Is internet lighting the next revolution?

The internet of things: hype or an exciting future of limitless possibilities? Organisers of LuxLive unveil special IoT Experience zone in association with tech start-up Gooee. Lux Today with Courtney Ferguson 10 November 2015

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Bad idea, alienating the IT guy, who absolutely should - and is going to - have a say about what kind of IoT is installed in the building. After all, the phones, data network, and probably to some extent the other IT infrastructure (including your computer) falls under his or her purview. Better idea is to make IT your ally and consultant in figuring out what technologies are going to provide the best solution, not just now, but going forward. And here, a little hint... it is not Zigbee. Look for IPv6 running over current and future variants of Bluetooth and Wifi to win the day. Seriously... ask him.

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