How to light the largest mosque in Europe

The newly-built Moscow Cathedral congregational mosque, said to be the largest mosque in Europe, boasts a lighting scheme designed to highlight the intricate traditional Islamic design of the six-storey, 18,900 sq m building, its large dome and six prayer towers.

The scheme was devised by Philips, in collaboration with the projects department of JSC Electrotechnical Company Eco Svet. “A mosque is not just a sacred place for believers but also a part of urban architectural landscape. Thus its lighting plays both functional and aesthetic roles,” comments Marina Tyschenko, vice president and head of Philips Lighting in Russia and CIS. “Philips LED solutions will make the Moscow congregational mosque truly stand out, revealing its architectural uniqueness and majesty.”

Over 750 Philips Vaya LED lights were used for the mosque’s decorative lighting. In those parts of the complex that required more intense light – the dome and the crescent – Philips ArenaVision lights have been installed: ten 400W luminaires and one 2000W projector. A Philips Color Kinetics-based lighting system underlines the traditional geometry of Islamic architecture with green light accents and will create numerous lighting scenes inside the mosque during religious holidays.

“The Mosque will feature accent lighting and floodlighting, both for architectural elements of the façade and towers, and internal zones and territories. For uniform lighting of the dome and façade that overlooks Durov Street, we had to mount a dual-use mast that was designed specifically for the project,” says Andrey Trofimov, head of the projects department of JSC Electrotechnical Company Eco Svet.

The façade of the mosque is coated with natural light-grey granite with dark-green decorative elements. The team has opted to highlight the natural beauty of the materials by using light with a 4000K colour temperature.