Fresh crackdown on dangerous fixtures

'Mystery shoppers' tasked to find unsafe luminaires and report them to without light switches shortlisted for Lux Award...and the happy discovery of rock concert lighting engineers. Lux Today 20 October 2015

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Almost anything is unsafe in the hands of stupid people. Has anyone considered that? In fact much of life is unsafe, and if one does not pay attention they will find the impact, no doubt. Fixtures that can have the protective portion removed in order to repair them are one example as are most products that can be opened for repairs or adjustments. Some folks believe that we should not be allowed to repair or adjust things because the small stupid minority might try that and do it wrong, possibly injuring themselves. The real pity is that our legal system has allowed these folks to be rewarded for their ill=advised actions. What ever happened to "the beauty of nature and natural selection?"

Dangerous fixtures? That would include every one with an A type socket but particularly table lamp sockets where the upper housing is barely retained in the lower base, those that are rated for 75W or even 60W but can still accommodate 100W or even 150W bulbs, table and pole lamps supplied with a 2-wire un-polarized or weakly polarized cord and/or plug, fixtures for high wattage lamps that use card-stock and/or fiber-board for insulation, pretty much every heat lamp fixture, outdoor fixtures without adequate UV protection, most ceiling fans which have an undersized grounding screw, fixtures, especially outdoor fixtures, which provide ground termination to aluminum, zinc or other cast metal (including those that use an entry bushing to ground armored cable and conduit), fixtures that incorporate copper/aluminum junctions, .... IMHO it's too bad that LED lighting, exacerbated by DOE fuzzy thinking, have been largely promoted for A socket compatibility, particularly as an average lamp base costs less than $2 and no-one should be using 30+ year old lamp bases anyway. I would also note an issue with light fixtures that have insufficient clearance to accommodate alternative lamp types such as CFL and LED (this comprised ~20% of new fixtures I purchased recently).

Like this format. its a shame i still cannot receive my free hard copy, but hey its only been 4 years of asking .

Like this format. its a shame i still cannot receive my free hard copy, but hey its only been 4 years of asking .

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