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... and the article is..... nowhere! I expect a lot, lot more from a journal that purports itself as the "Voice" of the lighting industry. I get better coverage of stories on the evening news!!

I appreciate the creation of this vodcast, and don't wish to be too harsh, but I'm concerned about the total lack of journalism or editorial criticism. These are essentially press releases. If I recall correctly, the Allianz stadium was completed in 2012 with a scheme of about $25m. What happened to that scheme? And should we be calling Philips' work lighting design, or refurbishment? What additional features did it add? The described additional capability was something it was already explained to have. What is the cost of the new installation? What is the cost/benefit? There is a very interesting story underlying any decision to abandon a scheme after three years, particularly when it's so new, and particularly when it's a technology that is being sold so heavily (but may not have performed???). I've opted not to name the companies involved in the original installation or to suggest why it needed to be replaced, I couldn't fact check it to an appropriate journalistic standard, but that is what we need by someone. To have credibility, this needs journalism, probing questions being asked.

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