GE, Beacon alliance to drive smart lighting in Australia

GE Lighting’s strategic partnership with Beacon Lighting will both expand the reach of its LED business in Australia and New Zealand and help drive the adoption of so-called ‘smart lighting, the company said this week.

Beacon, operating under Light Source Solutions, will be the sole distributor for GE’s commercial and residential lighting business, leaving GE to focus on the development of smart Industrial Internet applications for industry and municipalities.

‘Beacon is a long-term customer of GE Lighting and we’re proud to be further investing in that relationship today,’ Ian Killick, country leader of GE Lighting Australia & NZ, told Lux. ‘Beacon has the reach and expertise to facilitate a rapid transition to LEDs, and will be able to offer our customers localised service. They’re a fantastic team and I’m looking forward to working with them.’

GE’s LED and conventional lighting products will be sold through Beacon’s more than 90 retail stores and online, as well as be sold to other retailers and wholesalers.

‘GE has an impressive heritage in the lighting business, reaching back to its founder Thomas Edison and the invention of the light bulb,’ said Beacon Lighting CEO Glen Robinson. ‘Today, GE LED technology is transforming lighting, using up to 80 per cent less energy and lasting up to five times longer than traditional lighting. The technology is continuing to advance, and we are excited to partner with GE to bring it to more customers in Australia and New Zealand.’

At the same time, the GE Lighting business will increase its focus on the development of smart lighting applications and services for roadways, retail environments, commercial buildings and industrial facilities. GE Lighting will further invest in building its Industrial Internet capability, using data and analytics to run lighting systems more efficiently and layer additional capabilities.

‘We’re working on some exciting intelligent lighting projects around the world that have great potential for this region,’ continued Mr. Killick. ‘Lighting technology in undergoing rapid change, using LEDs and sensing technology to control light levels, predict maintenance needs, track energy consumption and manage assets. The result is less energy consumption, more efficient maintenance and a more reliable network. We plan to invest to provide this type of capability to roadways, industrial businesses and municipalities in Australia.’

 In Sydney, Australia, GE Lighting has worked in partnership with the City of Sydney and UGL to replace more than 6,000 street, park and plaza lights with energy efficient LEDs. As a result, the City has saved almost AU$800,000 per annum in electricity and maintenance costs, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 2,861 tonnes each year.  


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I posted a comment on the US site. I see we have an Australian site too. Having read more this idea could be used in any area including security lighting and in car parks etc. Good place for a drug sniffer too. This is what I posted on the US site:- Good Idea! Making a shot detector GE. There is another thing you could do too. Drop the brightness of the lamp when nobody is present and control this by adding a movement detector that detects the presence of movement such as a person and bring the lights up to brightness. This would save power and and allow the lights to last longer. I would suggest that the time taken would be judged by a single person walking along so that light is maintained along the road under the street lighting.

I wonder how the partnership with Clipsal is going...

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