Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes when upgrading to LED

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We've all seen examples of how wrong LED upgrades in retail and hospitality can go.

A well-meaning facilities manager, under pressure to save money on energy and maintenance, has taken out the old lights and put in some new LED ones. The result, too often, is dimly lit shops, bars with dotty, glary, blueish lights, and venues left dark because the LEDs haven't lasted as long as the supplier said they would.

It doesn't have to be this way. These days it's not that hard to undertake an LED upgrade that saves on energy and maintenance, and doesn't harm (or even improves) the look and feel.

Two people who know a thing or two about this are Simon Waldron, electrical engineering manager at Sainsbury's, and Richard Felgate, formerly the head of energy management at the company behind O'Neills and All Bar One, and now an independent energy expert.

To hear the advice and experience that these two experts have to share from their experience of successful LED rollouts, don't miss Lux's very first webinar on 22 July: 7 mistakes to avoid when upgrading your lighting to LED.

Learn about how to get LED projects right, how to get the warranty you need on your LED products, and put your own questions to our expert speakers.

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Lux Webinar: 7 mistakes to avoid when upgrading your lighting to LED
9:30am BST, Wednesday 22 July 2015

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Can you also run one on LED street lighting for local government officers, street lighting designers and PFI managers? There's far more problems with outdoor LED lighting than indoor! How about this as a starter for 10 ...... well, 7: Mistake 1: Wrongly assume that all LED street lighting luminaires are the same. Mistake 2: Wrongly assume that the general public doesn't care how bad their new LED street lighting is. Mistake 3: Wrongly assume that a total failure to grasp the wider impacts of choice of CCT somehow doesn't really matter. Mistake 4: Wrongly assume that lazily fitting 'random' replacement LEDs won't cause non-compliance with BS5489, as well as making our towns resemble a third world country. Mistake 5: Wrongly assume that energy savings are because you've fitted 'eco-friendly lighting', when its actually because everyone's now stumbling around in blue-tinged semi-darkness. Mistake 6: Wrongly assume that LED glare can somehow be resolved by 'dimming'. Mistake 7: Wrongly assume that replacing a five year old SON 70 with something like an Urbis Axia somehow counts as 'progress'.

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