Australia pours funds into indoor and outdoor lighting upgrades

The Australian government has released guidelines allowing indoor and outdoor lighting projects to qualify for funding from the country's Emissions Reduction Fund, which has nearly $2 billion available according to one report.

The ERF is the country's centerpiece programme for reducing carbon emissions. It will now cover lighting upgrades in a variety of building types including offices, shopping centres, schools and hospitals, as well as streetlighting and public outdoor spaces, The Australian reported.

According to lighting vendor enLighten, $1.89 billion (Australian, or £890 million) remains for allocation from the ERF, which now includes a Commercial and Public Lighting tranche as part of about a dozen categories.

The Department of the Environment auctioned off $660 million in the first ERF round in April, which did not include lighting, enLighten noted.

Lighting projects could include a move to efficient lighting such as LED or the installation of control systems.


Photo is from Christophe Robert Hervouet via Flickr

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Hi. Before spending more money on outdoor lighting why not first' plug the hole in the leaky bucket' by using some of the dollars educating electricians and electrical contractors how to install lighting. Lights should be confined to the intended target without also keeping neighbours awake at night by light spill. Also by lighting up the night sky causing sky glow prevents amateur astronomers enjoying their God given right to enjoy their peaceful hobby away from the stress of life. It is time we start educating these people who are causing so much harm in the outer suburbs or take a good, long and hard look at AS 4282 for the purpose of tightening up and making this 'voluntary' (sic) code compulsory.

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