Is this Britain's worst lit shop?

On a visit to Rackhams department store in Skipton, North Yorkshire, Lux couldn't help but notice that the shop is the scene of a number of lighting misdemeanours. Here are our tips on how things could be improved.


Don’t mix the colour temperatures
Do these lamps belong together? Not really. Either one of them has shifted colour badly over time, or they were never the same colour temperature in the first place. Be it 3000K or 4000K, pick a colour temperature and stick to it.






Don’t lose the louvres
Those louvres are there for a reason. And having them on some lights and not others is almost worse than none at all.









Damaged luminaires are never a good sign
It looks like you don’t care. Besides, how did it get dented way up there? 









Keep the wiring out of view
Wires and extension cables dangling from the ceiling are never a good look.









Make sure you use the correct replacement lamp
We’re not sure what lamp was originally in this fitting (below, right), but we’re pretty sure it wasn’t a CFL. 









Seen any terrible shop lighting recently? Let Lux know!

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Fluorescent tubes don't colour-shift. Phosphors can't do that. You're thinking of metal halide. The missing louvre probably fell when being removed and was damaged beyond reuse. Or they just can't get it to stay in the luminaire safely without falling out. How did that reflector get damaged? See those hanging racks of long thin rolls of material just below ceiling height? What was in the downlight before the CFL? An R80 spot bulb.

If they wanted to make a big change on a low budget, then if possible, change those louvres for prismatic diffusers and retrofit with Cool White or Natural White LED tubes.

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