How not to do emergency lighting

Spot the exit sign
When there’s some kind of panic in your place of work – burnt toast, burst pipe, Godzilla attack – it’s important to know that you’re going to be able to get out safely without being smoked, soaked or eaten. So emergency lighting is pretty important. And yet it still sometimes goes wrong. The fast-food restaurant pictured above has an exit sign obscured by a ceiling – can you spot it? In this case a false ceiling is suspended slightly lower than the sign. The balloons don’t help either.


Go left! Go right! Panic! 
These signs are supposed to point you to the nearest safe exit. We’re not sure why these three have clustered together, pointing in three completely different directions. Where are we supposed to go? Maybe just run around in circles until help comes.







Half an exit sign
Which came first, sign or ceiling? Either way, looks like someone got their measurements a wee bit wrong when installing this emergency exit sign. We’re pretty sure this doesn’t comply with the regulations.












For more tips on emergency lighting, check out our video on five easy ways to stay out of trouble.


Thanks to reader Neil Foster for the photos

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