Georgia port aims for $6 million savings from lighting upgrade

North America’s busiest single-terminal container facility is now saving more than $600,000 a year thanks to a customised lighting solution from Iowa-based Musco.

Operated by the Georgia Ports Authority (GPA), the Garden City Terminal runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week on a site of more than 1,200 acres next to the Savannah river in the south-eastern US state of Georgia.

The facility’s previous lighting system had a number of problems: it consumed a lot of energy, produced a lot of spill and glare, and there were often maintenance issues.

Its replacement, Musco’s Green Generation Lighting, using HID (high-intensity discharge) light sources, is more cost effective and more environmentally friendly. It also gives much better colour - as you can see above in an image supplied by Musco. Designed to meet the specific challenges of the port’s constant operations, the new system has reduced energy consumption by 65 per cent – including an annual drop in CO2 emissions of 3,569 tonnes – and eliminated all maintenance costs for a decade, during which time the GPA expects to save a total of $6.37 million in operating costs.

‘The new system has delivered outstanding performance while helping continue our efforts in energy reduction,’ said Olli Himbert, capital projects manager and facilities engineer at the GPA.

Light is distributed more effectively than before, and requires far less energy and maintenance

Musco’s system includes the firm’s control and monitoring technology, which together allow users to respond quickly and flexibly to changes in the port’s lighting requirements via web-based software and a 24/7 call centre.

Starting out as a sports lighting specialist in 1976, Musco is now an established supplier of indoor, outdoor and temporary lighting.

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Still Using HID . Seriously ?? Come On people do you really believe this? It is 2015 right? not 2010 when leds were not what they are today. I can not believe this! Well maybe but doubt they used LED I can bet all they did was position the lights better, which reduced the fixtures by 25%, lowered the fixtures which increased the lumens to the area needed. Plus there are better reflectors, reflecting 75% up to 95% that a 360 degree HID bulb gives off and WHAM-O ! there is your 65% savings. Yes some of the new HID bulbs have better CRI just like they said (colour)-(color) so you can save a few fixtures there, But hello people a 1500w bulb is still a 1500w bulb. I could of probably saved them 150%. :) Nice comment Simon and good point Someone knows someone for that gig. Job security

I assume that the OEM also has a very healthy lighting maintenance company also? Changing all these lamps every 3 years... nice gig :)

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