Solar project brings off-grid light to Papua New Guinea

A new project by the World Bank is set to bring off-grid solar lighting to more than half a million people in  Papua New Guinea.

Ninety per cent of people in the country have no electricity and therefore no reliable light, meaning they cannot carry out household chores, read, or do business outside daylight hours.

The International Finance Corporation, the funding arm of the World Bank, has initiated a scheme that aims to bring safe and affordable off-grid solar lighting to more than half a million islanders.

‘This will not only improve living conditions for residents but will also will boost business, allow children to study, cut household costs, and help women stay safe on the streets,’ says IFC operations officer Liam Grealish.

The project, which is part of the Lighting Global campaign, will meet the needs of underserved energy consumers in addition to low-income households and micro-enterprises, explains Karin Finkelston, the IFC’s vice president for Asia Pacific.

‘Sustainable lighting power will support the kind of growth in the country that benefits all, especially those who work hard to improve their livelihoods by studying or setting up small enterprises.’