Smart streetlights fight crime in Glasgow

Glasgow City Council is enlisting the help of intelligent streetlights to help cut crime, The Scotsman reports.

Streetlights that use sensors to record noise and movement will send disturbance reports to emergency services as part of the council’s £24 million Future City scheme.

The lights will also be able to guide officers to incidents quickly by increasing in brightness or flashing as noise levels rise.

The scheme will also be used for community events, and outdoor festivals.

The lighting will be part of a larger data collection scheme across Glasgow’s Future City project, which aims to use technology to make life in Glasgow smarter, safer and more sustainable.

Earlier in the year, Glasgow City Council announced the trialling of a streetlight scheme for cycle routes. The ‘mart lighting system will dim down lights when not in use, and brightens up when a cyclist approaches.

Councillor Gordon Matheson, leader of Glasgow City Council said: ‘Glasgow is proud to be demonstrating innovative ways in which technology can make life in the city smarter, safer and more sustainable. ‘

‘This city is continually evolving – we aim to become one of the most sustainable cities in Europe by cutting our carbon emissions and promoting sustainable technologies,’ he said.

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