New Part L to come into force in April 2014

The long-awaited new version of Part L – the section of the Building Regulations focusing on energy efficiency – will come into force in April 2014, the government announced today.

The new regulations will demand a six per cent cut in CO2 emissions for new build homes, and a nine per cent cut for new non-domestic buildings – significantly below the 20 per cent reduction that was originally considered.

Baroness Hanham also told parliament today that minimum energy efficiency standards for lighting upgrades in non-domestic buildings will be strengthened.

The regulations were originally expected to come into force this year, but the Department of Communities and Local Government missed its deadlines for publishing and implementing them.

Baroness Hanham said the full regulations and impact assessment will be published 'shortly', with statutory guidance to be published 'during the course of the summer'

Lighting industry figures have expressed frustration recently at the uncertainty surrounding what the new regulations will say and when they will come into effect.

Communities minister Don Foster (pictured) said: ‘Today’s measures mean businesses and householders will not only benefit from reduced energy bills but they will also know they are doing their bit to tackle climate change.’


Photo: DCLG, via Flickr


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