Big businesses to get regular lighting efficiency checks

Large companies in the UK will face regular checks on the energy efficiency of their lighting, under new proposals published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Companies with more than 250 employees will have their energy efficiency assessed every four years as part of the UK’s implementation of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive.

The assessments, designed to help companies find ways to cut their energy consumption, will be required by the new Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme.

Energy minister Michael Fallon (pictured) said: ‘Investing in energy efficiency can hugely benefit our big businesses, helping British businesses get ahead in the global race. Energy saving assessments will show exactly where the biggest savings can be made and if firms then go forward and invest, they will soon see the benefits.’

DECC predicts that on average, a company taking up recommendations from an energy savings assessment will invest £15,000 a year, but make savings of £56,400 a year.

Up to £1.9bn could be saved from the UK’s annual energy bill, DECC says.