ACDC wins £5m airport project in Oman

ACDC has won a £5 million lighting contract with Muscat International Airport in Oman.

ACDC is supplying thousands of fittings to the airport through its distribution partners Zubair in Oman and Kelvin Lighting in the UK. The project is due for completion in 2014.

Lighting designer firm LDPI is working with ACDC to light the exterior façade and landscape of the newly built airport’s surrounding site and roads, as well as lighting all interior areas open to the public.

The new terminal’s lighting will feature large areas of glass to maximise the use of daylight.

New additions to the existing airport include a passenger terminal building, 28 contact gates, two runways, a 97 meter high air Traffic control tower, a car park area with 7,000 spaces, and a dual three lanes access road.

Lawrie Nisbet of LDPI said: ‘We have a long standing relationship with both ACDC and Kelvin Lighting, having worked on a number of projects over the years.  The level of support is always exceptional and this project was no exception, taking almost three years of hard work.’

Over 8,000 Evolution, 31,000m of Fino, 2,000 Eclipse, and 1,000m of Integrex fittings are being supplied by ACDC.

Speaking about the contract, Gareth Frankland, CEO of ACDC, said: ‘This project represents a landmark opportunity for ACDC, it has taken a lot of hard work and a long time to reach this point but it’s finally paid off and it’s fantastic news.’

The new airport is designed to allow for an increase in the number of annual passengers coming through Oman. The new terminal will have the capacity to handle 12 million passengers annually, with future plans already in motion to cater for 36 million more.

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