Outrage at Apple'’s after-hours lighting

Activists in Hong Kong are pushing for tougher control on light pollution, as alarms are raised over the Apple Store on Causeway Bay. 

At 2am, Apple still has about 500 lamps and spotlights burning across all three floors, through the store’s glass façade, despite the near-empty streets outside.

Green activists from Friends of the Earth HK said the absence of regulations governing light pollution in Hong Kong has opened the door to abuse. The organisation has complained that glare from the shop can be seen 700 metres away, placing the Apple store at the centre of the light pollution storm.

A spokesman from FoE said: ‘Apple’s disregard for energy savings and light nuisance acts as a reminder of the urgent need to regulate light pollution.’

FoE visited two other Apple stores at night to further investigate. It found lighting at 2 IFC and at Festival Walk to also still be on well into the night. The Kowloon Tong store at Festival Walk was slightly better than its sister stores, with only half of its lights still on after midnight – hours after closing the doors for the day.

The council has received a number of complaints over the past few months regarding the public’s dissatisfaction with the light pouring out of the Apple store through the night.

A government task force is expected to outline ways to curb light pollution. It will discuss whether legislation or mandatory switch-off times is a better approach.

Apple has yet to comment on the criticism of the lighting in its stores.

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It's not just Apple. Another international company with a similar policy of illumination is Audi. The least Apple could do is tone down lighting, after all they do sell Philips Hue lighting and recently released software to shift the colour on the screens of their products. Apple stores tend to be ancestral business districts where the opportunities to reduce light spill is limited, however Audi are generally in suburban areas with nearby housing and the light spill is a definite nuisance factor. When was the last time you bought a car in the middle of the night?

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