Could LED kill off pesticides for good?

Could LED make pesticides in farming a thing of the past? PLUS: Commuters rebel against lighting upgrade on Washington Metro. AND: US Navy buys American when it comes to lighting. Lux Today 3 May 2017.

How is lighting changing horticulture?

In a special edition of Lux Today, we examine the LED revolution in horticulture. How is the technolgy being used to increase yeilds?  Can it even be used to change how a plant grows, whilst boosting nutritional content?

What were the must-sees at Euroshop 2017?

Euroshop took place in Dusseldorf, Germany, last week. The event is the biggest retail themed trade show in the world and this year there were plenty of lighting developments to get excited about. From indoor positioning to interactive flooring, we have the low-down fresh from the Messe. Lux Review 14 March 2017. 

How is lighting changing how we watch sports?

From the Super Bowl, to the football pitch, to the speedway, lighting is being used to improve the sporting experience. This week we ask how is lighting changing the way we watch sports?

How can the lighting industry change retail?

There is new evidence that indoor positioning systems when installed in retail spaces can increase profit margins. This week Lux Today asks the question what is indoor positioning and how can the lighting industry make the most of this golden opportunity?

How will Li-Fi change the world?

As Philips announces they are investing in Li-Fi, this week we explore a new technology that has the ability to change the world. What is Li-Fi and how will revolutionise the way we receive the internet into our homes? Lux Today  21 February 2017 

How will lighting make cities smarter?

In advance of our Lighting Fixture Design Conference, this week's Lux Today is a smart cities special. How is lighting improving our urban environments? Why are more and more cities adopting smart technology? And why does the lighting industry need to move quickly to take advantage of this new innovation? Lux Today 14 February 2017.