The future direction for biodynamic lighting

This webinar looks at the past successes, the current problems and the possible futures for biodynamic lighting.
We will be looking at the overall concept of biodynamic lighting; including where it has come from and why, with examples of successful implementations going back over a decade.  We will also discuss the problems with current marketing and user awareness of the concept, some missing fundamentals, and how we can rein in the hype, and misinformation, to move forward into the future.


Learning Points:

  • The science behind the reasoning
  • Separating the concept from the technology, and joining them back up again
  • Understanding the reasons for doing it in a structured way
  • Integrating biodynamic lighting in real-world projects



  • Manuel Weber. Product Manager for Connected Lighting. Herbert Waldmann 
  • Jim Ashley-Down. Managing Director UK and Ireland.Waldmann Lighting 



  • Waldman


  • 1pm GMT , 7am CT , 5pm Dubai, 9pm HK
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