TECHNICAL UPDATE: Lithium batteries (LiFePO4) get the green light

TECHNICAL UPDATE: Lithium batteries (LiFePO4) get the green light

The heart of any emergency lighting system is the battery, and the more efficient the battery, then the better the escape lighting provision.

Development of lithium batteries has been going on for some years, and that process has not been without its drama and setbacks. So the news that a new range of emergency fixtures using Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries has been awarded BSI Kitemark is good news for specifiers and users.

But there is lithium and there is lithium. This webinar will explain the important difference between battery types and how to ensure that you end up with the correct battery type.


What you will learn:

  • An overview of emergency lighting battery technologies
  • The benefits of the new LIFePO4 technology
  • What it will mean for existing emergency lighting installations
  • Why this change is important


Sponsor: Liteplan

Speaker: Jonathan Bell, Liteplan

Time: 1pm (UK), 4pm (Dubai), 8pm (Hong Kong) 7am (Central America)

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