Face the IoT lighting challenge head on

Face the IoT lighting challenge head on

Are you contemplating installing IoT wireless technology? If  yes, you will know you need to test the system. Here, you will learn what the challenges and issues are with testing and what you need to consider when offering IoT lighting to clients.


Key learning points:

  • Find out what is considered when it comes to testing for the IoT and the issues that can arise 
  • Understand considerations when offering IoT to clients 
  •  Is the correct data being sent to the right person, place or device?
  • Are the lights  working correctly with the technology in place?
  • Is the the atmosphere or environment causing connectivity issues?


Speaker: Simon Coombes, Gooee

Sponsor: Gooee

When: 25 October 2017

Time: 1pm UK, 4pm Dubai, 8pm Hong Kong, 7am Central America 

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