Bathroom lighting

The bathroom is the least talked-about room in the house. It is a practical space that is probably shared by everyone in the family, yet is also the most personal and intimate of spaces. How should we approach the lighting of a room that we only visit when we have a need to, yet want to feel safe and cosseted when we do make that call?

Much of the conversation around bathroom lighting tends to revolve around the technical issues of mixing water and electricity. It’s very important to get that right, but it doesn’t start to address the real relationship that exists behind the closed door; the way that we see ourselves in the privacy of the smallest room of the house.

It’s in the bathroom that we prepare ourselves for meeting the rest of the world; regardless of gender, we ‘put on our face’ before venturing out into the world and it’s the space where we give ourselves permission to relax at the end of another weary day.


Learning points:

  • The technical criteria for introducing and controlling light into a wet space
  • The priorities for lighting in this multi-functional domestic space
  • How mirrors actually work
  • Lighting for the bathroom – a 24-hour space


Sponsor: Astro Lighting

Speaker: James Bassant, Co-Founder/ Design Director,  Astro 

When: 21st June 2017

Time: 1pm UK, 4pm Dubai, 8pm Hong Kong, 7am Central America 

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