Best Practice: Light and Colour in Retail

The rise of the LED has changed the way that we use colour in the retail environment. Manufacturers are offering LED display lighting that are specially 'tuned' for specific types of merchandise. This webinar will explore the ways that retail lighting is becoming influenced as much by the colour of light as the amount of illumination generated


Learning points:

·         How LEDs require an entirely new way of working with colour in the retail environment

·         How LED display lighting can be specially tuned for specific types of merchandise

·         How TM30 is taking over from the Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

·         The use of saturated colour in retail lighting

·         How LED sources are tuned for lighting of meat, fish, vegetables or the bakery


Sponsor: LEDvance

Speakers: Chris Shenton, LEDvance and Michael Grubb, Michael Grubb Studio

When: 3 May 2017

Time: 1pm (UK) 4pm (UAE) 8pm (Hong Kong) 7am (CDT)



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