How to hold specification in the Middle East

The point where a lighting specification is at its most vulnerable is when it passes from the control of the project design team to the contracts team. Once a design is complete, clients often release the lighting design team who have built the specification, trusting that the installers will deliver the scheme as it was presented and approved. This is not always the case, unfortunately.

This webinar brings together a group of lighting specifiers who are based in the UAE and who work regularly on projects in the region. We’ll be talking about what strategies they employ to ensure that specifications are not downgraded in quality and design intention.



Regina Santos, Associate, Head of Lighting Design, Godwin Austen Johnson

Paul Nulty, Founder, Nulty +

Martin Valentine, Lighting Expert


What you will learn:

·         The problems of holding specification in the Middle East region

·         The common causes for specifications being switched

·         The ways that a specification can be protected as it progresses through the construction process.


15th Feb 2017 

1pm GMT // 5pm UAE // 5am Central America // 9pm Hong Kong 

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