The man who's making Britain's councils look twice at their LED streetlighting specs

If your council is planning a rollout of LED streetlighting, they’d better have done their homework, because this man will be asking questions.

Are the vulture capitalists circling Philips Lighting?

The stock market thinks so. Shares rise amid reports of a joint bid.

The halogen ban: Just do it!

In the second installment of our two-part series, Neonlite director Fred Bass argues against the call to keep energy guzzling halogens alive, labeling such a move 'nonsensical.'

The halogen ban: Why it should not happen

Despite pushing LEDs hard, the lighting industry says consumers will be lost if halogen is taken away too soon. And it has other reasons for a reprieve. Part one of our two-part series on the ban. (Tomorrow: Why it should go ahead).

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