Risk-sharing business models shed upfront lighting costs

LEDs save a bundle on electricity bills, say vendors. But many users can't afford them. A skin-in-the-game solution: Forgo payment until the results kick in.

Breakthrough OLED could hit market in November from LG Chem

Tired of waiting for an OLED light that rivals LEDs in efficiency and longevity? Hang in there until November.

Facility managers: 'LEDs top all energy efficiency measures'

Let's say you're in charge of energy use at the company and you want to take big steps to slash the bill. Who you gonna call? A building insulator? A smart meter salesman? The most common answer is....

Philips opens its Hue bulbs to Internet control. This time for real!

You might think you read this some time ago: Philips is opening up the design of its Hue light bulbs so that mobile phone and computer apps will have an easier time commanding the bulbs to flash, dim, turn off, change colours, dance, wash the dishes or do anything that you haven't even thought of yet.

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