Wigan changes its mind: Will now use a warmer model for its LED streetlights

With the public concerned about possible negative health effects, Wigan Council no longer wants its originally specified cold, blue-tinged luminaires.

Light for wellbeing: We have a long way to go

Last week’s LuxLive show was a reminder of how much evidence there is of the profound effect that lighting has on our physiology, productivity and happiness. What we should actually do with that knowledge isn’t so clear.

Who’s to blame for bad LED streetlighting?

Are LED streetlights bad for us? This was perhaps the most contentious topic up for discussion at LuxLive last week.

CoeLux wows attendees at LuxLive

Visitors for LuxLive queued up to get a look at the stunning CoeLux skylight, which recreates the effect of a sunlit sky, indoors.

Lux Videos

The big Sainsbury's LED rollout

LEDs show the Sistine Chapel in a new light



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