Sistine Chapel lights up with LEDs

Now you can see those famous Michelangelo works and others without straining.

He won a Nobel Prize for making lighting efficient, now he wants to make it healthy

Not content with winning a Nobel Prize for his blue LED, which kicked off the LED lighting revolution, Shuji Nakamura now plans to shake up the world of 'human-centric' lighting with new technology based on violet LEDs.

Lamp makers brace themselves for lighting’s integrated future

When even lamps giant Megaman says lighting’s future is fixtures, you know that big change is on the cards.

'Irresponsible' retailers must share the blame for consumer mistrust of LEDs, says TCP boss

The European CEO of lamps giant TCP says that some major buyers in the retail and wholesale markets have harmed consumers' trust in LEDs through their ‘irresponsible’ pursuit of rock-bottom prices.

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Denmark's 'living lab' for smart streetlighting

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