Survey reveals just how much of England has been left in the dark by streetlight switch-offs

New figures reveal the extent to which the UK’s streets have been plunged into darkness since councils began turning off and dimming streetlights to cut costs.

Lux's top 10 videos of 2014

2014 has been quite a year for lighting. And Lux watched it all happen. Here are our 10 most popular videos of the past twelve months.

What gets politicians elected? Streetlighting, says the AA

Taxes and jobs have long mattered and now...LEDs? The Automobile Association warns of a backlash against darkened roads when UK voters head to the polls next year.

OLEDs: Too little, too late

It's a mixed bag for organic light-emitting diodes. They're improving and prices are dropping, but LEDs will stay ahead of them until the next big thing comes along, according to a new research note.

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Tridonic launches its ConnecDIM lighting control system in Dubai

The big Sainsbury's LED rollout



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