US Govt: Not all LEDs are created equal. Take it from a zombie

If you thought they were you were dead wrong, the Environmental Protection Agency wants you to know. It's released a new series of cornball videos to help make the point.

Tories under fire for exempting 100,000 new homes for energy standards

Building controllers and green advocates are unimpressed by David Cameron’s proposal to exempt 100,000 new homes from energy standards.

Cities juggle heritage and sustainability to preserve historic gas lights

At a time when municipal authorities are intent on converting their streetlighting to low-energy sources, it may come as a surprise that major cities like Berlin and London are preserving historic gas lights.

Lighting rush is on in India

A hundred new 'smart cities,' $1.2 billion, and a gung-ho Prime Minister Modi are all pulling in LED vendors who want to build the backbone of intelligent urban networks.

Lux Videos

Lux visits an all-LED Costa in Essex

First luminaire in space



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