Diall LED lamp comes out top in Which? test

The latest crop of LED lamps has been given the thumbs up by consumer magazine Which?

In its latest issue, Which? tested eight LED lamps and recommended six of them as 'best buys'.

The magazine looked at a range of lamps including LED, CFL and halogen varieties. Its report said: ‘LEDs used to be prohibitively expensive, but advances in semiconductor technology mean they’re now brighter and more affordable than before… it’s easy to see why they’re becoming so popular.’

Diall topped the list, scoring 92 per cent for its 6W LED GLS bulb. The report said the product, available from B&Q, represents value for money, is durable and offers good functionality such as immediate light when you flick the switch.

Verbatim and Megaman also scored highly for their LED lamps, both of which were shown in Which?’s tests to have a higher light output than was stated on the box. Verbatim’s 10W Classic A shape lamp and Megaman’s 10W Opal classic dimming lamp both scored 91 per cent, with high marks awarded for brightness, durability and efficiency.

The lowest rated LED lamp on test was Toshiba’s E-Core LED 8.4W, which lost marks on durability, scoring 63 per cent overall. It was beaten by CFL rivals including Ikea’s Sparsam 20W, which was praised for its brightness and durability.

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