Philips recalls potentially dangerous GU10 LED lamps

Philips is recalling its top-of-the-range MasterLED GU10 lamp after reports that the lamp body could become live.

The company is withdrawing all mains voltage 8W MasterLED Spots – including the Dim Tone variants - from sale and recalling all the light sources from wholesalers and distributors across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Potential current leakage can occur with the lamp after 30 minutes burn time, resulting in the lamp body becoming live.

Philips said it has identified the potential safety issue which affects a limited number of the LED retrofit lamps that has primarily been sold in the professional channel.

In a statement to Lux Review magazine, Philips said: ‘We confirm that we have identified a potential safety issue which affects a limited number of LED retrofit spotlight lamps, only the 8W version.

‘These lamps are mainly used in professional applications. The issue concerns a potential electrical current leakage, which could happen approximately half an hour after the lamp has been switched on and could result in the lamp becoming live.’

‘Philips places great value on the quality of its products and want to avoid potential risks. Therefore we decided to recall the affected lamps from the market and offer a similar replacement product instead.’

The 8W MasterLED GU10 is a replacement for high-energy main halogen in retail, leisure and hospitality applications.

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