Value proposition: Nualight Arc 2 highbay luminaire

We’re getting used to seeing the ways that LED technology outstrips ‘conventional’ sources such as metal halide lamps. We also need to be aware that the continuing developments within the LED itself are putting clear space between generations of past LED products.

In our latest value proposition we see how the second generation of industrial highbay design has developed alongside the improvements of the LED light source.

Lux Recommends: Highbays

Lux's technical editor, Alan Tulla, gets to grips with the latest highbays available on the market. 

Lux recommends: Dim to warm lamps

An attractive feature of filament lamps is that they become warmer as you dim them. As the filament dims and becomes less intense, the colour changes to a warmer more orange and yellow appearance. The colour temperature, and CCT reduces as they dim. Until recently, this effect was missing from their LED equivalents. Lux's technical editor, Alan Tulla, reviews the state of the market.

Value Proposition: V-TAC 45W LED module

Every once in a while, the way that we see the world shifts and the way that we do things needs to be reviewed. The basic approach in commercial lighting, the sector from which so much lighting product derives, is the recessed fluorescent 600x600 modular luminaire. Designed to sit in a conventional suspended ceiling, this is the default lighting option for shops and offices everywhere.

Improved system efficiency in this type of fixture has relied on two things, one in the control of the manufacturer and the other not. The efficiency that the manufacturer has had nothing to do with, but has benefited enormously from, has been the improved light output of fluorescent lamps -  to the general benefit of all users. The improved efficiency that has been less welcome, and which has been fully in the control of the manufacturer, has been the photometric performance of the luminaire.