Emergency Lighting Conference

How to stay compliant and safe

What you will learn:

  • How emergency lighting can be cost effective
  • How to automate mandatory testing
  • What best practice looks like

This event is for engineers, designers, manufacturers, consultants and specifiers with responsibility for lighting

Emergency Lighting Conference

Horticulture Lighting Conference

Horticultural lighting is the LED industry’s most explosive new market, revolutionizing the future of farming with technologies and innovations enabling year-round sustainable fruit, vegetable and flower cultivation. 

Benefit from:

  • The latest science enabling year-round crop production
  • Solutions to business model challenges and market entry
  • Networking opportunities with thought leaders and practitioners on the forefront of the industry
  • Access to the latest products and technologies impacting LED horticultural applications
Horticulture Lighting Conference

Lighting for Rail

How to specify lighting that complies with the rail regs

At this special one-day conference, you’ll learn:

  • How to use lighting controls without compromising safety
  • How to deliver creative and innovative schemes –
  • that comply with the standards
  • How to select the right LED kit for your application

This event is for engineers, designers, manufacturers, consultants and specifiers with responsibility for lighting.

And best of all, it’s free to representatives of network operators and train operating companies.

Lighting for Rail

Lighting Design Awards

Get recognition for your ideas and creativity with lighting

The Lighting Design Awards is the world’s longest-running and most prestigious lighting awards programme, so it’s the perfect place to get recognition for your ideas and creativity with lighting.

A Lighting Design Award carries with it a heritage, recognition and authority that’s unparalleled – and demonstrates to clients, employees and peers that you’re at the forefront of your profession.

All categories are open to all countries, meaning that winning an award will give you a global reputation for excellence

Closing date - 12 January 

Lighting Design Awards

Lightspace California

The lightspace concept was launched in London last November, and its unique blend of inspiration and innovation proved an instant hit with the architectural and lighting design communities. Now we’re delighted to bring the format to California.

Lightspace California is co-located with The LED Show and Strategies in Light. Taken together, the events represent an unparalleled diversity which spans the lighting supply chain and again breaks down barriers between manufacturers and specifiers.

A line-up of thought leaders – including leading lighting designers and architects –will explore themes of integration of light and architecture, the role of darkness and shadow and collaboration across the disciplines.

Lightspace California

Lighting Fixture Design Conference

How to thrive in a disrupted market

Reading the signposts correctly has never been more crucial than in today’s lighting market.

The LED revolution has happened – but the downside is prices are falling fast and it’s increasingly difficult to differentiate product.

Lux can help. We’ve curated a timely two-day conference to help you map out your strategy for the digital lighting world. We’ll look at all the critical issues with expert speakers so you gain the insights to move forward with confidence.

Lighting Fixture Design Conference