German city goes batty for LED-lit recreational trail

When Wuppertal wanted to convert 14 miles of disused railway into a bike and walking path, it had a problem: Bats lived in the tunnels, they're a threatened species and they don't like light. Digital controls and directional lighting to the rescue.

Sistine Chapel lights up with LEDs

Now you can see those famous Michelangelo works and others without straining.

He won a Nobel Prize for making lighting efficient, now he wants to make it healthy

Not content with winning a Nobel Prize for his blue LED, which kicked off the LED lighting revolution, Shuji Nakamura now plans to shake up the world of 'human-centric' lighting with new technology based on violet LEDs.

European Commission: Funding available for multi-city smart lighting development

Genoa lands a quiet first round of €3.5 million to coordinate projects in Belfast, Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Crete and Lithuania.

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Denmark's 'living lab' for smart streetlighting

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