Lux Awards 2014: the winners!

The lighting world's top manufacturers, boldest clients, coolest technologies and most awe-inspiring installations were honoured at this year's Lux Awards 2014 - read the full list of winners.

Light for wellbeing: We have a long way to go

Last week’s LuxLive show was a reminder of how much evidence there is of the profound effect that lighting has on our physiology, productivity and happiness. What we should actually do with that knowledge isn’t so clear.

‘Light is a drug, so let’s administer it correctly’

From manufacturers to wholesalers, the lighting supply chain needs to start measuring and explaining the non-visual impact of its products on end users.

Design lighting ‘for the body, not just the eyes’

Lighting designers must learn to design for the biological as well as the visual effects of light, PhotonStar’s Fenella Frost told LuxLive yesterday.

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