OLEDs: Too little, too late

It's a mixed bag for organic light-emitting diodes. They're improving and prices are dropping, but LEDs will stay ahead of them until the next big thing comes along, according to a new research note.

Lighting industry says LEDs are not ready for mass consumer uptake, blasts anti-halogen report

Vendors are between a rock and a hard place. They want to move to LEDs. But they want to move at their own pace, as they hold onto the vestiges of the profitable incandescent business model.

If LED lamps last for decades, why are we already recycling them?

They haven't been on the market all that long. Are they failing? We asked recovery trendsetter Recolight.

Can Fujitsu’s new smart lighting system kill off the QR code?

Imagine pointing your phone at an item in a shop or museum, and immediately bringing all of its details up on your screen - a new spotlight offers to do just that.

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