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Value Proposition: Osram - Ultraflat System

A good value proposition challenges the way that we see the world. It asks questions and suggests that there may be a different way of doing things. New ways of working often derive from implementing a new piece of technology combined with an attractive price structure, but it is rare for a value proposition to go to the heart of product design and suggest that the shape of the light fixtures that we make could look different. Lux's Applications Editor, John Bullock, heads into new territory in his latest Value Proposition.

Value proposition: Nualight Arc 2 highbay luminaire

We’re getting used to seeing the ways that LED technology outstrips ‘conventional’ sources such as metal halide lamps. We also need to be aware that the continuing developments within the LED itself are putting clear space between generations of past LED products.

In our latest value proposition we see how the second generation of industrial highbay design has developed alongside the improvements of the LED light source.

Explainer: What is the difference between TP ratings?

Thanks to the LED revolution and a change in the way we use computers and screens, there has been a shift towards installing slim line LED panels in offices. In light of these changes there is now sufficient confusion about the fire-rating requirements of the diffusing material of a luminaire. TP (a)? TP (b)? What's the difference? Lux's applications editor, John Bullock, tells all.