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Is the light bulb immortal?

No matter how quickly the times change the received wisdom is that the light bulb can never die. The light bulb is, to borrow a phrase, too big to fail. But, no matter how beloved the bulb may be, it is, like any other commercial product, a prisoner to profit. 

Explainer: LED panels can ruin fire rating of ceilings

We have seen yet more lurid headlines in the press, reporting that hospital projects built under Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contracts have been condemned as unsafe following inspections of fire protection measures. The stories are being spun as a stick to beat the PFI programme with, but there is a very real issue here for the lighting specifier, contractor and manufacturer.

Is new technology changing lighting designer's thinking?

For many years lighting design absorbed new technology and simply went about its creative business, because the changes were simply technical improvements that allowed designers to do the same old thing, but a little better than before. This is no longer the case. As advancing technology allows us to broaden our horizons, lighting designers have no excuse not to rip up the rule book and embrace truly inventive design. Lux's applications editor, John Bullock, issues a call to arms.

Why Casambi won and what it means for lighting controls

Casambi won the coveted Controls Product of the Year prize at the 2016 Lux Awards. The little known company triumphed in a field of giants that included, among others, Helvar, eldoLED, Lumenpulse and Osram. Lux's applications editor, John Bullock, considers what it was that gave Casambi the edge and what this means for the future of lighting controls.