REVIEWED  High bay lights for retail

High bay lights for retail

There used to be two sorts of light fitting used for retail. If it was a large store, the lighting was predominantly fluorescent either as ceiling panels or linear battens.

Price fear as Trump hits Chinese LEDs

Price fear as Trump hits Chinese LEDs

The prospect of a slowing in the decline in prices for LED lighting, or even a reversal, was raised this week as it was revealed that lighting components will be included in a list of Chinese exports to be hit with US tariffs of 25 per cent.

REVIEWED  Bollard lights

Bollard lights

Some people love them and some hate them, but if you’re designing lighting outside, you always need to consider bollards.

Corporate reception area

Corporate reception area

Lux's technical editor, Alan Tulla, offers his advice on the best ways to light a corporate reception area.

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