£4m plan will turn Humber Bridge into 2km light artwork

THE HUMBER Bridge in the north of England could be turned into a 2 kilometre light artwork, if an ambitious £4 million LED lighting plan is realised.

The 70,000 colour-controlled LED lights would make the steel and concrete structure the world’s largest digital artwork.

The City of Hull, location of the bridge and currently the UK’s City of Culture, is behind the audacious bid, which would rival London’s River of Lights project.

How the bridge looks by day

However, to get the go-ahead, the plan must beat off ten other cultural projects across the North of England for government funding.

Hull 2017 chief executive and director Martin Green told The Scunthorpe Telegraph: ‘The proposal to turn the Humber Bridge into a massive digital artwork is a fantastic idea.

‘A totally unique canvas for artists and a brilliant way to engage young people through technology and art, it would be a huge boost for the whole region, on both sides of the Humber.

'It would also further increase the region's reputation as a centre for culture, creativity and digital innovation and as an area to visit and invest in.’

The decision now rests with the trustees of the Northern Cultural Regeneration Fund, a government pot of money to fund urban improvement projects.



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The Bay Lights installation on the Bay Bridge in San Francisco is 1.8 miles (2.9 km).

A great idea but has anyone done a night-time Visual Impact Assessment? In the middle of a city, I don't think it would be too much of a problem but in a naturally dark location such as this, I think it might be a problem.

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