World’s biggest pendant light unveiled in London bank

LUX EXCLUSIVE: THE largest hanging light in the world has been unveiled at a central London bank.

The 12m-wide circular pendant – acknowledged by the Guinness Book of Records as a world record – boasts 15,000 LEDs delivering 390,000 lumens for a total energy consumption of 2.7 kW. It weighs almost two metric tons  and is finished in Analok 543 bronze to match the bank’s wall panels. A second, 5.8metre ring featuring 3,000 LEDs completes the statement lighting installation.

SO PROUD: Jon Estell, the head of Spectral UK, shows off the certificate from The Guinness Book of Records

The light fittings were built by Spectral at its parent company Ridi’s factory in Jungingen, Germany. The concept is by architects Sheppard Robson and a detailed design was produced by Troup Bywaters + Anders.

As Overbury, the contractors, could only use a 4m hydraulic lift to access the space, the Spectral team constructed thirty 1.2m-long individual sections which were bolted together on site.

The mammoth fittings are suspended off the existing beams, each one diamond drilled to take a special heavy-duty fixing.

As the fittings were plugged together on a scaffolding tower 11 metres above the floor, the PCBs, LEDs and power supplies were all pre-installed with plugs and sockets.

The suspension system – comprising an eyelet with a special ‘shock bolt’ loaded with pink powder which would explode if the loading on one cleat was too great – was developed in partnership with German company ERS.



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Joe, with reference the suspension system; "If the RopeFix is exposed to overload, starting from 800kg, 8000N , the overload mechanism is triggered by a movement of the retainer beyond a critical region. A colour die powder shows this. Thus, the RopeFix has become unusable and must be replaced." We gave the structural engineers late nights with this project! Great team effort.

BTW Mac and Kevin - love those projects too. It's amazing what our industry is doing right now. I support all those brave and bold projects.

Can I clarify what the Guinness Book of Records was awarded for. The category is largest hanging LAMP light. This means largest single source (homogeneous light). All the examples cited are multi point chandeliers. There is a difference which is quite apparent when you look at those projects.

...perhaps the record relates to specific fixing method rather than pendant size?

...(the second part of that comment never posted :)

The Haramain Station pendants are 13m diameter and 15m diameter throughout all 4 stations... which is larger than 12m diameter of course

Really. We have just completed a 20 meter diameter ring sculpture in Selfridges Wonder Room.

Great project - well done Spectral. But - as an engineer who has designed and supplied similar but smaller rings and chandeliers, I can't resist asking about the pink powder and the exploding eyelets. Come on Lux - don't keep us in the dark!

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