What are the practical benefits of PoE and what can be powered and controlled by PoE today?

This question was answered by the Dwight Stewart, CTO and founder of Igor.

As PoE standards allow for more power to be transmitted over Ethernet cable and devices become more efficient, larger and more complex luminaires and other devices can run on PoE. Today, PoE can comfortably power and control lighting fixtures, sensors, small energy-efficient appliances, temperature sensors that control HVAC systems, window coverings, fans, and other similar devices. 


The practical benefits are many, including the ease of installation, flexibility in adding, changing, or removing devices, and the control of devices. However, other benefits include additional energy savings, data analytics for learning, and simple interfaces to use and zone devices. Also, it does not depend on wireless internet connection, allowing the PoE connected devices to continue operating even in the event of wireless signal disturbances or interference. 


All basic, functional PoE systems should provide the above benefits to users as a minimum. Igor continues to work to be at the forefront of this technology, meaning that there are additional benefits to using the Igor’s Intelligent Building Platform such as tunable white lighting controls, emergency lighting support, API events, advanced analytics, and ongoing services and support. 



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