Igor answers your Power over Ethernet (PoE) questions

Igor’s Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology is a plug-and-play solution for the booming connected lighting market. Igor’s PoE solution integrates power and data in a single cable, eliminating the need for expensive electrical wiring and delivering higher quality lighting to building owners with greater cost reduction than LED lighting alone. Igor’s PoE solution is fully integrated, yet modular, connecting any lighting manufacturer’s LED fixtures with sensors. Igor’s solution also includes a powerful cloud analytics option which can provide customisable dashboards detailing energy usage and sensor data to enhance facility operational costs and efficiency. 

In addition to these advantages, Igor provides:

  • Scalable and flexible network and power infrastructure that is no longer constrained by AC power access
  • Easy to reconfigure lighting to achieve optimal productivity without costly rewiring by an electrician
  • A centralised network optimised for continuous operation, eliminating power interruption and downtime
  • Superior lighting with up to 80 per cent cost savings on installation and energy management.


Power over Ethernet (PoE) provides an entirely new way of managing low energy devices such as LED lighting. By connecting devices and sensors directly to a computer network it becomes possible to send control instructions (switching and dimming, etc) directly to luminaires, as well as receiving data that provide ‘health checks’ on the status of those luminaires. But is that all there is to it?

If you’d like to ask a question about Power over Ethernet, write to our Application Editor, John Bullock: askjohn@luxreview.com


How does Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting work? 
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What does it look like to install PoE and who can do it? 
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What are the practical benefits of PoE and what can be powered and controlled by PoE today? 
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Can I install PoE at home, and what would that look like to me?
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Love how well IGOR makes POE a simple concept which Building Owners can get in a snap. Great piece & links.!

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